Focus on your real estate

A dedicated team operates only your building


The Dutch real estate market lacks real dedicated fund and asset management. Working with SPARK means that there is never a conflict-of-interest. We are committed and focus on one building at a time. Your building.

Maximum result

We made it our mission to fill this gap and focus on a maximum return. We improve the user experience, we create offices where people are excited to come to work and meet.

Experience & Knowledge

We offer you our many years of experience in a rapidly changing real estate market. With proven successes and knowledge of the best investment opportunities SPARK is your real estate partner.

We deliver

Investment opportunities

Our knowledge of the dutch real estate market creates opportunities for our clients.

Partner in Acquiring

Spark assists in investing in and the acquiring off the most profitable real estate objects.

Branding & Consultancy

We supply our partners with the do's and dont's in the real estate business. Included is f.i. office branding.

Estate Rental

The SPARK rental team creates higher rental rates, more tenants and extensive services.

Community Management

Offices are changing more and more into communities, we know how to manage them.

Asset Management

Our unique approach ensures maximum returns on your fund, portfolio & assets.